Friday, October 7, 2005

Good and bad news

The good news: Yesterday Panoramio appeared in some big sites and visitors came fast and furious. Hundreds of amazing pics around the world were posted; Moscow, Italy, California, London, Kizhi (Russia), etc. We added a small world map to the photo page in order to give an idea of where the picture was located. Posting pictures over Japan didn't work, but we already fixed the problem.

The bad news: We have discovered there are still problems with Safari, Opera and Firefox. In Safari you can not post new pictures (bad bad) and in Opera you can hardly see the pictures, as a big map is over them (very bad). Firefox is showing the drop down of the search under the images. We are working in all these problems, and fixing them as fast as we can.

Bugs, comments, suggestions... please, report them to the Panoramio forum.