Friday, October 7, 2005

Less is better

Some big names are redoing their webmail interfaces, in response to GMail. They are redoing the whole thing using a richer interface.

Basically, both of them are building something akin Outlook on html / javascript. And they are so wrong.

GMail has show us that you can implement responsive applications on a browser. It raised the bar. But people is not loving it because it uses XMLHttpRequest. Nobody knows what the hell is XMLHttpRequest.

It is because its interface is BETTER than anything else. Excuse me, but I already have Outlook. Why
do I need another Outlook in my browser? I don't want new applications, be it for the web or the desktop to be clones of what I already have.

There is somebody that has got the point. 37signals keeps pumping out little gems.

Excuse my french, these guys have balls! They have done a web page so you could have to do lists! And it's working!

37signals have the gift to see the deep root of a problem, and to deliver an application that fixes this single problem. And then stop. Don't think about "what if"'s. It is done.