Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Link to this page" no longer needed

I finally killed an old "bug" in Panoramio, shared with any other Google Maps page I have seen.
It was difficult to extract a link to the thing you were seeing.

Google Maps has a "Link to this page" link. The URL of this link is dynamically updated to reflect the current status of Google Maps, so I did the same thing in Panoramio.

It is, however, difficult to discover to novel users, and it is yet one more thing in the interface. And I want anything superfluous out of my interfaces.

So I finally put back the current where it should be, in the URL the browser is showing you. I have to encode the status of Panoramio in the hash part of the URL, to prevent the browser reloading the page upon changes.

I hope people will find it easier to use Panoramio links now.