Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Filtering photos

I have pushed a new feature in Panoramio.

Now you can say us if your photo is "about" the place you took it, or if the place is somewhat irrelevant.

For instance, if the picture is about a party, or about you in a closed room, then it's probably not about the place, but about you / your friends. If you mark these photos as not being "about the place" when you post them, then other Panoramio users can choose to see them or not.

That's to help those users that were looking for landscapes / buildings / etc. and want to filter out other kind of pictures.

We have not yet layed down a full set of objective rules, and we have been putting photos in the "not about the place" category using my instinct. But definitively we have to follow some rules. If you think that some of your photos were "about the place" and we marked it as not about the place wrongly just let me know. Btw, we are taking ideas about what kind of images would you like to see filtered out in Panoramio.

For those that only want to see "about the place" photos, click on the link "See only photos of places" in the main page.

Update: Since many users didn't uncheck the option when they were not photos about places, we decided to supress this filter. We will develop another solution for filtering photos in the future.

On other news, we also added a kml feed on each user's page, so now you can brag showing only your photos on Google Earth to your friends :)

I finally added a javascript layer around the server side "mark as favourite", and I even managed to get some minutes to implement some missing functions in Array on my ecmascript engine (reverse is still buggy).

And for those greasemonkey's users out there, Johan Sundström has written a script that will add a link to Panoramio in Google Local, so you can quickly see photos of the region of the world you're seeing in Google Local.