Friday, January 20, 2006

Photo acceptance policy

Until now we have been very laxists with the moderation of photos in Panoramio, only deleting sexual explicit photos. However many users have complained about the photos that have no relationship whatsoever with the place they were taken (close ups of people, for example).

We understand some people want to share their photos with their friends using Panoramio, and we have absolutely no problem with this. It's even one of our goals. But there are pictures that definitively cross the line. Hint: posting your head on a white background is not ok, posting you having great time with friends in a beach is ok.

We are implementing the concept of "private" photos, ie. photos that don't show up in the main page. But until then, we have to ask you to be reasonable with the pictures you post, or they will be deleted (we will keep you a copy for a while, so if you had no copies of a deleted photo you can ask us for it.)

Another kind of problematic photos are logos, copyrighted photos, or mini images copied from some web page. Those are also not allowed because of legal issues. We are proud to host your photos, but it doesn't mean we can host any image you send us.

So far, the vast majority of photos we have received are stunning photos of places. Please keep it that way. Keep rocking!