Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Honorable Mention for Panoramio at Web 2.0 Awards

web 2.0 awards Panoramio was given an Honorable Mention for the Web 2.0 Awards in the category of Mapping. We are very pleased for this mention, especially because Panoramio was released just 7 months ago.

The winners of the Mapping category are 1. Wayfaring, 2. Frappr and 3.Housingmaps.

My favourite has always been Frappr. The idea (members of a group says where they are located) makes very much sense and it seems people understand it very well. Just take a look for its ranking at Alexa.

Housingmaps is good mainly because it's really a useful application for a common day task (searching for housing) with very good data from, not spectacular, but very nice.

However I don't understand the first price for Wayfaring. This application goes one step forward, as Tagzania, Flagr or our Panoramio do. I believe no one of these sites is still mature enough, still a long way to walk. Apart from their own limitations, these sites bring Google Maps to the edge and unfortunately Google Maps interface has some usability issues, that makes its interface difficult to use for some purposes.