Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Spitzbergen / Svalbard

The island of Spitzbergen is the largest island of Svalbard archipelago (names are often exchanged). It is located at latitude=78º and longitude=17º, very, very North. As you can imagine the nature there is wonderful as you can see in this mini-panoramio:

There are many interesting facts about Svalbard. Despite Norwegian sovereignty not all Norwegian law applies there. Under the terms of a Svalbard Treaty "If you're able to find a job, you have the right according to the treaty to come here". 40 countries have rights to exploit mineral deposits "on a footing of absolute equality", but there are only Norwegian and Russian mining settlements. By the year 2007 the Norwegian government is going to build a 'Doomsday Seed Bank' in which all species of seeds will be stored. The official language of Svalbard is Norwegian, but before they spoke Russenorsk, a mix of Norwegian and Russian, can you imagine? Skål and Nasdarovia!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Coordinates in EXIF = Automatic Location

Thomas de Lange Wenneck has a GPS attached to his camara. When he takes a photo the coordinates of the place are automatically stored in the EXIF information of the image file. Later he just needs to upload his photos to Panoramio and they are automatically located in the map. No need to map the photo manually with Panoramio's drag and drop interface.

Btw, Thomas makes wonderful photos, like this one:

Photo from Thomas de Lange Wenneck

Mange takk Thomas!

35.000 photos and 6.000 people

Last month Panoramio reached 35.000 photos and 6.000 people. Just two months ago we had 20.000 photos and around 4.000 people. That means 75% and 50% growth respectively. Not bad.

We want to thank all the people that use Panoramio. ¡Gracias!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Multilingual Panoramio

Since today Panoramio is ready to be easily translated to other languages. Spanish version is already available for browsers in this language. Some friends are already translating it, but if you feel like helping to translate Panoramio to any language, just contact us at questions AT It's not necessary to make a full translation, any partial one will be also welcome (the translator will be mentioned in the credits, of course). Thanks in advance.