Monday, September 25, 2006

The unavoidable beauty of Lofoten archipelago

In Panoramio you can watch places through common people's photos, not only typical postcards that always look artificial because of its perfection.

That's impossible for Lofoten. Absolutely every single photo you take there looks unavoidably like a perfect post card. The nature there is so extremely beautiful there that you have no chance, but taking wonderful photos. Don't believe me? Take a look a this mini-panoramio or full size in Panoramio.

Lofoten is a group of islands in Norway located above the Arctic Circle, between the 67th and 68th degree parallels. Despite its location and because of the Gulf Stream, winter temperatures in Lofoten are very mild. The smallest islands (Værøy and Røst) are the World's most northern locations where average temperatures are above freezing all year.

There is a well marked biking route through Lofoten islands with a lots of tunnels, some of them under the sea. You also need to take some boats. I friend of mine did it and recommend it to me like the best approach to Lofoten.