Monday, October 9, 2006

First birthday: 50.000 photos and new server. Update: 100.000 photos

Last Tuesday, October the 3rd, was Panoramio's first birthday. The present Panoramio got was a new powerful server with two dual-core Opterons, 4 GB of RAM and other nice features. Thanks very much to Mickey Everts from Neopolitan for the help with the migration to the new server and to John Hanke Director of Google Earth / Maps for his invaluable support, mil gracias John!

It was the right moment to move, the old server was smoking with traffic peaks. With the new server Panoramio's speed increased very much. The overall user experience is much better now, specially while browsing the map and watching Panoramio's KML feed. Traffic increased around 10% with the new server.

There are more good news. The day before the first birthday Panoramio reached the magic number of 50.000 photos (almost 55.000 right now). Now you can find a photo of almost any main city or known place in the World from North Pole to Antarctica. Growing at a monthly rate over 20%, Panoramio's future looks nice. We are enjoying working on it very much.

This first year we have learnt a lot about photos and maps from Panoramio's users, their requests, behaviour, comments and questions. This knowledge is going to make possible the next developments. Stay tuned, many changes are comming.

Update December 10th: 100.000 photos uploaded