Thursday, October 12, 2006

New homepage design

Just few hours ago we released a new homepage for Panoramio. José Florido, a very talented designer from Málaga has helped us very much with this new design.

I believe the new homepage looks much better. The code is standard compliant. The new design explains much better what Panoramio does and its features.

Now there is a mini-panoramio in the homepage that rotates, so you have the chance to take a close look at amazing places like Cape of Good Hope, Teotihuacan, Svalbard and many others.

The search engine is now in the homepage so there is a fast way to go anywhere in the world. Also there is more clear access to the World Map and to Panoramio's KML feed for Google Earth.

Apart from the homepage some other pages have been redesigned; help, about and team.