Monday, December 4, 2006

Hi Korea! Panoramio translated to Korean

Since yesterday Panoramio is full translated to Korean thanks to Sungbong Cho. I believe the translation will increase very much the photos located Korea.

Unfortunately there are almost no photos from isolated North Korea, "the world’s worst Internet black hole", according Reporters without borders. Internet use is completely forbidden there, only a few officials are able to access the web and the country’s domain name - .nk - has still not been launched.

Still I discovered some photos from North Corea in Panoramio. You can watch the militarized border between the two Koreas and see some photos taken from the Chinesse side of the Tumen river. It seems everyone feels curious about North Korea.

There is a very beautiful volcanic mountain between China and North-Corea, Baekdu Mountain. The crater of Baekdu Mountain has a huge lake, one of the highest crater lakes in the world.