Monday, January 22, 2007

500.000 photos uploaded to Panoramio

Last weekend Panoramio reached half a million photos uploaded. Approximately 400.000 of them geolocated in the place they were taken.

We are very excited watching how the community of people using Panoramio is growing at a this huge speed. The increasing flow of photos is creating every day a more useful way to explore the World.

It is a difficult task to moderate all these photos for the small team of Panoramio, but people is helping us very much through the collaborative tools. Users can flag offensive or not descriptive photos, also they can suggest new locations to misplaced photos. People is collaborating so much that even moderating flags and suggestions is becoming a day-long task itself. Anyway, we don't complain, we are very grateful to all you.

We are still dealing with issues related with the enormous amount of people using Panoramio. We made some great advances and now the site is quite fast most of the day. The exception is between 22-24 hours (GMT +1) when American an European users are surfing at the same time. As I said before, this is not a complain, this are the kind of problems you love to have.

Once more, thanks! ¡gracias!