Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Buddhas around Asia

Jimmy Kang collected photos of Buddha's sculptures in South-Eastearn Asia and placed them at Panoramio's map. See the result at this mini-panoramio and his explanation below:

By Jimmy Kan in Panoramio's forum

I have been to many countries in South East Asia visiting predominantly temples and noticed that the Buddha images in each country are made differently. Each has its own unique style and blended with local taste, big ears, large forehead, beaked nose, long finger, etc. In Myanmar they put on regalia especially those temples where royalty worship. They even paint the face with make-up. In Thailand their royal Buddha image wears a crown (Wat Phrameru in Ayutthya). In China most are fat and healthy.

The Burmese went one step beyond worshipping, they made offering to particular Buddha image with spectacle, slipper, etc. and they even have one with 6 fingers. The sad part is Cambodia, not many ancient one left, except a few in the museum. The 4 face feature of Bayon Temple is not a Buddha image. It’s a hindu deity, Bhrama and many simply called it 4 face Buddha and thus mistook it as a Buddha image.

I have managed to map my Buddha photo collection in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and more to come. Hope you enjoy it.

For sure we do ;) Thanks for sharing Jimmy.