Friday, January 26, 2007

Laguna Verde and Volcano Licancabur

This is one of these places that looks stupefying on the satellite image. Laguna Verde (green lake), on the left at the mini-panoramio below, gets green colored everyday between 12-14:00 hours. Despite the colour of both lakes looks pretty the same in the satellite photo, the one on the right is called Laguna Blanca (white lake), for obvious reasons. The 6.200 meter high snow caped mountain South-West from Laguna Verde is Volcano Licancabur. Maybe this place seems familiar to you because it is in the cover of Lonely Planet's guide of Bolivia.

Since Laguna Verde is at 4.300 meter altitude (14,000 ft), if you arrive here directly from sea level you will probably suffer "soroche" (altitude sickness). The only way to arrive here is driving through Bolivian Altiplano in a route plenty of mineral coloured lakes (Laguna Azul, Laguna Colorada...), active vulcanoes, geysers, flamingos and llamas. Maybe the most typical journey starts in Uyuni city and goes through Salar the Uyuni, a place that deserves a full post on the future.