Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photos from Panoramio updated in Google Earth

Today Panoramio's layer at Google Earth was updated. Previously there were 80.000 photos from Panoramio visible in Google Earth by default, now 400.000 photos are included. There is a great chance to find photos from almost every place on Earth.

The selection of the 400.000 photos included photos until ID:655.000 (e.g. photo with URL has ID:385739). If your photo has a higher ID than 655.000, you have to wait until next update to see your photos in Google Earth. If your photo has a lower ID, but you still don't see it in Google Earth, probably is because that photo is not enough popular or got many negative flags from other people. If you thing that was a mistake, please contact us at questions AT, we will fix it ASAP.

In any case, there are two alternative ways to see your photos updated in real time; Panoramio's map or Panoramio's KML on Google Earth.

The update has been very late, I'm very sorry for it. It took more time than we expected since the last one (January 7th), but we hope next updates are more frequent.

The last two months the growth of Panoramio has been completely crazy. We have been dealing with a lots of scaling issues, almost every day a new one. That prevented us from making adding features people asked us. Now is time for improvements.