Monday, March 19, 2007

One million geolocated photos at Panoramio

Some days ago Panoramio reached the magic number of one million geolocated photos. Thanks to the most wonderful community of users around the World now our planet is pretty much illustrated.

Since we launched the site in October 2005, 300.000 people have signed up at Panoramio. On February more than 4 million unique visitors came to Panoramio and made 30 million page views. As you can imagine all that traffic made our little team extremely busy, specially the last three months. At this graphic you can get an idea of the huge growth of the site since December:

Panoramio on Alexa

Joaquín Cuenca has been working very hard optimizing our two servers with great results. Now even at traffic peaks the site downloads at a nice speed. We are doubling our servers right now, we want to be ready for future increases.

Together with the traffic avalanche we received lots of e-mails from the users reporting bugs, questions or requesting features. We replied personally to more than 99% of the e-mails, but if for whatever reason we missed yours, please send it again, we will try to do better this time. Those e-mails provided us with very useful information to fix some hard to find bugs and make the site overall more usable.

Panoramio is now translated to 8 new languages: Bulgarian (Andrey Kirkov and Boyan Ivanov Bonev), Norwegian (Bo Eide), Greek (Tasos & Kostas Koutsavlis), Finnish (Timo Rossi), Slovenian (Nina Litrop), Brazilian Portuguese (Sergio de Castro and Cleber Lima), Persian (Hessam Moosavi) and Traditional Chinese (David Hing Cheong Hung). It is a very nice feeling knowing that many people can enjoy Panoramio in their own language.

In my previous post I spoke about new features coming. The first one available is the "popular" tab at Panoramio map where you can see a selection of the best photos ordered by popularity. We lost hours looking at them.

You will see many new features the next weeks.