Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Photos from Panoramio updated in Google Earth, April 23th

Finally the new update is done. We sent to Google Earth a selection of photos up to ID: 1,710,000. Approximately 3/4 of the photos uploaded to Panoramio were sent to Google Earth. Thas is almost one million photos (973,949), the double number of photos than the previous update that reached ID: 655,000.

Thanks to you all for illustrating the World with your photos. Despite of being working in Panoramio from the first day, every single day I get amazed by your photos. Simplemente impresionantes.

Our excuses for the delay. In the previous update I spoke about making updates more frequently, but the delay was even longer this time. Still our goal is to make updates every few days and we are working together with Google Earth team to reach this frequency.

The photos sent to Google Earth are the ones in the "popular" tab in Panoramio. However Google Earth team also made their own selection, so not all photos we sent to them are displayed in GE as blue compasses. If you see your photo in "popular" tab, but not in Google Earth, this is your case. On the other hand if your photo (with ID under 1,710,000) is not included in "popular" tab and you believe it should be included, please, report us at questions AT panoramio.com. We reviewed photos manually, but if you find any inappropriate photo in Google Earth, you can use the flagging system to report it and we will check it.

We had a couple of problems with the update. Some photos that were already in Google Earth and received suggestions for relocation were removed from Google Earth by mistake. Also all photos with IDs between 1,650,00 and 1,670,000, are out from the "popular" tab and thus from the Google Earth update. Sorry for that, we are working on these bugs right now.

By the way, if your photos are still not included in Google Earth represented by blue compasses, you have the chance to see all your photos in Google Earth represented by thumbnails of themselves by opening any Panoramio feed.