Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Panoramio API released: Display photos from Panoramio on your own website

Since almost the beginning of the project we received requests for to provide an API. However the last months, specially after reaching the first million of photos, the number of requests rocketed and we realized we should do it. Now Panoramio API is ready.

In any site where location matters photos from Panoramio can help. For example, photos can illustrate the area around a hotel in a reservations website or show how it looks the neigbourghood where a house is located in a real estate site. What is makes photos published by the community of Panoramio so useful is their high quality and representativeness. Panoramio API allows you to select only a selection of the photos (popular tab) or all them.

While we were preparing the API page, some sites already integrated Panoramio photos in their sites. They are great examples of what it can be done with Panoramio API.

- was the first site that used the API to illustrate its tracks, like this one around the lake Cospudener in Leipzig, Germany (check "Pictures of Panoramio" on the right-bar).

- Joost Schreve from made a great use of the API for this GPS Travel Communiy. Now while watching the Training route in Westerpark you can see how Amsterdam channels look like.

- Also Jordi L. Ramot from Wikiloc, the winner of the mash-up contest, made the integration in few hours just after knowing about the API. In Wikiloc you can enjoy the beautiful landscape while watching Porcupine Rim track by bike in Moab (Utah).

In the Panoramio API page we included some other examples, coding, explanations and more information.