Friday, June 15, 2007

Panoramio available in Arabic language. 34 translations and growing!

Thanks to Usama Fath Panoramio is now translated Arabic language. We are very happy that Panoramio is now available for the approx. 400 million people around the World that speak Arabic.

In the last months Panoramio has been also translated to Serbian (Dragan Djukic), Traditional Chinese (David Hing Cheong Hung), Persian (Hessam Moosavi), Brazilian Portuguese (Sergio de Castro, Cleber Lima, Jadilson Torres and Adriana Monteiro), Slovenian (Nina Litrop), Finnish (Timo Rossi), Greek (Tasos & Kostas Koutsavlis), Norwegian (Bo Eide) and Bulgarian (Andrey Kirkov and Boyan Ivanov Bonev). Many other languages will be available in the next weeks. We want to thank all the translators for the great work and the continuous update of the translations.

As I said before in this blog, because Panoramio is about places around the World, we are are committed to make Panoramio available in the language/s or each place. If you feel like helping translating Panoramio to your language, please read these instructions and contact me at eduardo AT