Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More than 500,000 photos from Panoramio added to Google Earth

Good news! Finally photos up to ID 2,900,000 have been added to Google Earth. This means that more than 500,000 new photos have been added to Google Earth and this is the biggest update we ever did. Now the total number of photos from Panoramio in Google Earth is 1,7 million. Next update will be around September 20th.

We also added a new feature. Now you can quickly see which photos from you have been selected for Google Earth, they are indicated with a blue compass in your personal area. Those photos are already in Google Earth or will be included in the next update.

Thanks for your suggestions for the sightseeing page, we added more than 50 suggested new amazing places like the mysterious Richat Spiral Structure in Mauritania, San Lucas cape in Mexico, the huge and unfinished Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, the Camargue in France and The Twelve Apostles the Australian coast. Enjoy more places or send us your favorite places.