Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friends of Panoramio meeting in the real world

I just discovered this photo of a group of people from Panoramio, Gruppo Amatori di Panoramio, meeting in Montecanino, Italy.

Gruppo Amatori di Panoramio

Later I discovered that they already have met several times in Camogli , Asti and Monte D'Alba. They are: Marco Ferrari, Francesco Favalesi, Franco Truschello, Daniela Brocca, Valerio M, Alberto Gemme, Gilberto Silvestri, Luigi Barbadoro, esseil (Silvana) and Giulio Colla. Take a look at their photos, these amici make great shots.

I am very happy to see that people make friends through Panoramio. After thinking about it a little bit, I realized that it makes sense. Usually you upload photos of your place in Panoramio and people that post photos near yours probably live nearby. I thought that maybe a forum for meetings in the real world could be a great idea, so here it is "Rendezvous in the real world".