Friday, November 30, 2007

Panoramio mirrored for right to left languages: Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi

Do you see anything strange in these homepages?

Mirrored Panoramio

Yes, Panoramio is mirrored for right to left languages :)

Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi were available some time ago, but without mirroring they were not really usable, so we decided to pull them back until we could mirror the site. Now it is ready.

It took more time than expected and it has been hard, specially because in Panoramio sometimes comments in left to right languages are mixed with right to left ones, like in this great shot from Usama Fath, the author of the Arabic translation. We also would like to thank Ofek Dekel for the Hebrew translation as well as Hessam Moosavi and Alireza Shakernia for the Persian one. In the Panoramio side the credits go to José Florido and Joaquín Cuenca.