Tuesday, December 11, 2007

King George Island and the first person born in Antarctica

King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands has stations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, Peru, Poland, Russia and Uruguay. Look at how many houses, it has to be one of the most populated place in Antarctica

In King George Island there is an airport and even a Russian Church built in 2004 that looks very similar to the ones in Kizhi..

Base Esperanza (Argentina) has not good satellite images, but a Guinness Record, it was the birthplace of Emilio Marcos Palma, the first person to have been born in Antarctica

I just discovered a couple of nice views of stations. The Bernardo O'Higgins Base (Chile) where is located the big antenna from the German Antarctic Receiving Station (GARS)

and the Davis Station (New Zealand)