Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grützi!! We meet in Zurich on Saturday January 12th

After the Italian guys organized the first Panoramio meeting in the real World, I thought that a forum could be a good idea, so I created the forum "Rendezvous in the real world" and it worked! People is already organizing meetings in Philippines, Malta, Australia, Bali, Chicago, Valencia...

We meet on Saturday, January 12th, at 13:00 hours in Zürich train station under the very big watch, that is exactly here:

Meeting point in Zurich train station

Users from Panoramio are coming, some Googlers from the Zurich office and of course the whole Team of Panoramio; José Florido, Joaquín Cuenca and me. Check the list of people coming and sign-up if you feel like meeting. I believe you will recognize us because we will be carrying some t-shirts for you.

If the weather is nice maybe we can make a photo-walk, if not we can take some drinks together somewhere close. The plan is up to you guys. Bis bald!