Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New interface for the photo page in Panoramio

New photo page

Some days ago we released a major redesign of the photo page in Panoramio. The goal of the new design is to make possible to see and explore the place where the photo has been taken.

Several elements have been emphasized: the satellite image, the photos nearby and the political World map. We added a breadcrumb over the photo to clarify its location. Also now is more intuitive to add a photo to your favorites.

Immediately after the redesign we received many great suggestions to improve it and we have implemented most of them. Reported bugs have been fixed, but still the nearby photos and the breadcrumb need some tunning. Thank you for all your e-mails and the great feedback.

We wanted to release this new interface as soon as possible, but some people was surprised by the lack of previous notice. Sorry for that, next time we make a major redesign we will give notice in advance in the blog/forum and we will put it in a test page in order to collect your suggestions and detect bugs before releasing it.

Stay tunned, more changes are coming.