Friday, January 25, 2008

New update: 2 million new photos from Panoramio added to Google Earth

Last evening Google Earth updated the Panoramio layer adding almost 2 million photos. We added photos up to around ID 6,700,000 almost duplicating the amount of photos available in Google Earth.

We finally could fix one of the most requested issues in Panoramio; the backlog of reviewed photos. The backlog has been reduced from 1 million in early December to less than 100,000 right now. That means that a new uploaded photo is reviewed after only 7 days and will be included in the next update for Google Earth (if selected). Our team of reviewers have been working very hard during Christmas for catching up the backlog. I want to thank Fran Martinez specially for that. I am very happy to announce this and I am also so glad to see my photos from vacations in Azores Islands finally in Google Earth :)

However we had a couple of problems. First the ID counter is broken and the revision status located below each photo is not changing. Thus it seems we are not reviewing photos anymore, but believe me, your photos are been reviewed now only after few days. Second there is a gap, photos from ID 6,400,000 to 6,520,000 have not been reviewed, so they have not been included in this update. However this gap is already fixed and those photos will be included in the next update (revision status have not changed because of the first bug). We expect these bugs to be fixed shortly, sorry for them.

By the way next update will be around March 15th. I hope you enjoy the new photos in Google Earth as much we do.