Friday, March 14, 2008

New update: around 600,000 new photos from Panoramio added to Google Earth

Today Google Earth updated the Panoramio layer adding around 600,000 new photos. Selected images up to ID 7,980,000 are now in Google Earth. The next update is on April 12th and will include photos reviewed until March 26th.

Yesterday we moved to a new server and the site was not working for a couple of hours. Also during the day some uploaded photos and comments were delayed. Now those problems are fixed. I am sorry to say that the tag's page is still disabled and it will take around 1 month to be back. We could just switch on the tag's page again, but this will make the whole site very slow.

The good news are that we are almost done with a couple of new features:

- Change of copyright licenses: You will be able to choose the type of copyright license you prefer for your photos, standard copyright or any license from Creative Commons. You will be able to change the license for all your photos by once or select the license for single photos.

- Original file access: You will be able to restrict the access to the original file in case you don't want other users to get it. Only the author of the photo will be able to access the original file.

These 2 features have been very much requested and they will be online shortly.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New header

We just released a new header for Panoramio:

New header of Panoramio

Now you can explore the World and find any place in our planet from every page in The access to "Your photos", Places and Tags are more visible with the new design. Also the link to the settings is more accessible.