Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos from Panoramio meeting in Barcelona

The Panoramio meeting in Barcelona was great. The atmosphere was very nice and I was delighted to chat with Panoramio contributors. I felt very good there. The spectacular sights of Barcelona from the Mirablau bar and the "tapas" helped to create the right feeling. Take a look at this shot from Ulises888 to get an idea:

Tapas in Mirablau bar

People came little by little, but there were around 50 people at the end. We projected in a big screen some of the best shots from the attendants. Nino took many photos around, Javier recorded a video and we are collecting more photos in the forum.

I would like to thank the people from Google Spain; Clara, Nino and Anaïs, for all the help and the fantastic organization.