Friday, June 20, 2008

Winners of Panoramio Contest of April 2008

Here are the winners of the Panoramio monthly Contest for April 2008 edition. The sponsor ATP will contact the winners during the next days in order to send the prizes.

First Prize of Scenery category
Scenery First prize
taken in United Kingdom by Alan Knox

First Prize of Heritage category
Heritage First prize
taken in France by Nicolas Aubé

First Prize of Travel category
Travel First Prize
taken in Spello, Italy by marita1004

First Prize of Unusual Location category
Unusual Location First Prize
taken in Chile by Dejah

Full list of winners

Congratulations to all of them!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Panoramio meeting in Paris on 4th July

Paris mon amour. We would like to celebrate the 5 millionth photo shared on Panoramio with a meeting of contributors and friends on July 4 in Paris.

We will meet in the Google offices, where we will have an informal gathering and have something to eat and drink. Joaquín Cuenca and Jose Florido from the Panoramio team will be there.

Space is limited to 40 people, so please, register using this form.

Date: 4 July 2008 from 17:00 to 19:00

Google’s Office in Paris
38, Avenue de l'Opéra
Paris - See location in Google Maps.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi, look around!

We just released a new feature in Panoramio that allows you to browse photos simulating a 3D environment. You can jump from one photo to the closest one, walking virtually around the place or watching the place from many different perspectives. Enjoy the views from the top of Empire State in New York, the last floor of Eiffel Tower or the sights from the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, just by opening the "look around" link under those photos.

look around of St Peter Square in Rome

I just made a small walk in St Peter square in Rome and watched the panoramic views of Alhambra from Albaicín. Did you ever watch the faces of the US presidents in Mount Rushmore so close?. There is a never ending list of places to explore: the roofs of Lisbon from Santa Justa, Chicago from Hancock's tower by night, the sights of Stockholm from Katarinahissen, the Red Square of Moscow, Brandenburg gate in Berlin, the white marbles of Taj Mahal or the Sydney Opera House, just to mention a few examples. Take care, I am already addicted.

You will find the link "look around" only for photos in areas with high density of images. The most interesting places to "look around" are squares, towers or any location where people took photo in many different directions. Having many overlapped photos means that you can move very far away from the starting point, almost like a real walk.

If you want to get a "look around" link under your photos or you would like to have this experience in your favorite place, that's easy. Just go to that place and start shooting photos in every direction. Photos should overlap so the matching system can work and using a tripod should help to get matches. If you prefer to move while taking photos, later it would be possible to follow your path. Photos of details get embedded inside wide perspectives and allow a nice zoom-in effect. Depends very much on the place, but around 10-20 photos should be enough to get the "look around". The link will not appear immediately, the system will be initially refreshed every two weeks, but it will get faster after some time.