Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About the latest improvements

Last week we released some improvements which increased the speed of the site and fixed the error messages that were far too common during the last months.

As I told you in the previous post, we are testing more frequent updates. For the moment those test are working well and now photos up to ID 14,200,000 are added to Google Earth. This means a delay of only 2-3 weeks from the upload to the layer Google Earth. Just notice that photos added in these frequent updates are only visible in low zoom levels.

Unfortunately not all are good news. In the latest update we wanted to change the color of the gray squares in Google Earth to blue, but something went wrong. We need to wait until the next update on October 24th for this change.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Almost one million photos added to Google Earth

Since today photos from Panoramio up to ID 13,760,000 are included in Google Earth, this means almost one million new photos added.

The date of the next update will be around October 24th and will include photos reviewed up to October 10th. However we are testing more frequent updates and maybe you will see your photos earlier in Google Earth. For the moment we are testing bi-weekly updates and gradually the delay will be reduced. Hopefully in few weeks we will have daily updates, so the last reviewed photos will take only one day to appear in Google Earth.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

11 Sept. Panoramio Treffen in Berlin / Panoramio meeting in Berlin Sept. 11th

Am 11. September findet ein lockeres Panoramio Treffen in Berlin statt. Der Treffpunkt ist die Pferde Skulptur vor dem Hauptbahnhof um 18.00 Uhr. Ich werde auch dort sein und hoffe, dass viele Leute kommen. Je nach Wetterlage und Anzahl der Teilnehmer k├Ânnen wir entscheiden, was wir machen. Vielleicht eine Photo Tour oder wir setzen uns in eine Kneipe oder einen Biergarten und trinken zusammen etwas.

On September 11th we will meet in Berlin. The meeting point is the sculpture of the Horse in the Hauptbahnhof and the time 18:00 hours. I will come and I hope to meet many people. Once there and depending on the weather and the amount of people we can decide what to do, maybe a photo-walk or we can sit in a terrace and share some drinks.