Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy 2011 Panoramio Community

It is this time of the year where people make balance of the past year and start creating resolutions for the upcoming one. Before I do that I want to wish you all a happy 2011!

My 2010 balance is great. I am very happy to see what the Panoramio team has accomplished with your help:

New features added in 2010

With your help and specifically the help of those Panoramio members listed in the Translations section of the Team page we managed to have Panoramio available in 42 languages with ~50% translated strings in average and ~100% in 8 of those languages. Big thanks to everyone that helped with this!

Forum and Community

Our 33 Moderators have kept the community healthy and engaged. We currently have forum sections in 22 languages.
There is also a part of the Panoramio Community that helped keeping up the fun with Games and competitions and there have been others that organized amazing Panomeetings like the ones in Spain and Hungary that we had the pleasure to assist. I will always take those memories with me.

Getting to know all the good people I met in Panoramio is what made my 2010 special and this is what makes me think that 2011 will be even better. We have lots of things ready for you, to entertain you the next year (sorry, I cannot disclose it yet) but the most important thing is to keep the spirit up and the good charm. This is what makes Panoramio special. You are what make Panoramio special.

Many thanks for being with us along 2010 and happy 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Panoramio Music Player

We are very excited today to announce the new Panoramio music player. We have launched it this week for a limited amount of users but this will be soon an option you will all have.

Together with your photo you will be able to add a music file that will play when another user visits your photo, this way you can enhance the experience of your visitors. Accepted formats will be: MP3, Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, ATRAC.

The new feature will allow you to create Playlists (using the Widget API) with your favorite photo/music combination as music tracks can be sorted by music type.

We still want to hear the feedback from the users we selected for the test. To check whether you are in the Trusted Testers program, please check out your Settings page. And to provide feedback on this new feature please visit our Panoramio forum.

Update 29/12/2011: This was obviously a joke as today is Joke´s day in Spain and in many countries in the World. I hope you liked the idea :)
Update 29/12/2011: This has been possible due to the brain behind it Paco Armada and some accomplices: Xouba's, Draken and Cleber Lima among others. Many thanks for making this day so much fun!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of October 2010

The Panoramio Geotagged Contest rewards each month 28 photos uploaded and selected by the Panoramio Community. You can see them all on the results page for October 2010 edition.

First Prize of Scenery category

Scenery First prize

taken in the U.S. by americatramp.the2nd

First Prize of Heritage category
Heritage First Prize

taken in the Italy by leo1383

First Prize of Travel category

Travel First prize

taken in Montenegro by Georgy K.

First Prize of Unusual Location category
Unusual Location First Prize

taken in the Germany by picsonthemove

Full list of winners


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome Egmont

It is always nice to have someone new in the team and that is why I am announcing with great pleasure that Egmont Koblinger is joining our small family.

Egmont is, like Gyuri and Balázs, from Hungary. On his free time Egmont enjoys playing guitar and biking so Switzerland is the perfect location for him.

On the same time I wanted to announce that Erik decided to move back to Sweden so with a bit of sweet-sour taste we want to wish him all the best in the new adventures that he will take on.

Please join me in welcoming Egmont and wishing Erik a safe return home.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Panoramio Private Messaging

We are very excited to announce that we just released Private Messaging for Panoramio users.

Despite in Panoramio we encourage open communications, there are some situations where Private Messaging can be handy. You may need to ask permission to another user to use his photo in your magazine, you may want to discuss a non-Panoramio related topic with another user, you may want to ask details about a Panomeeting, etc.


Private messaging is only enabled from within Panoramio and only Panoramio users can send messages to other Panoramio users. Messages will be delivered to the email address associated to your Panoramio Account. If your Panoramio account is associated to a Google Account, messages will be delivered to the email address associated to your Google Account.

This was a long time requested feature. And we are also happy to deliver one of the Christmas wishes of an old Panoramio user and friend: Paco Armada

If you want to learn more about Private Messaging please check our Help Center, and if you want to discuss about it visit our Community Forum.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of September 2010

The Panoramio Geotagged Contest rewards each month 28 photos uploaded and selected by the Panoramio Community. You can see them all on the results page for September 2010 edition.

First Prize of Scenery category

Scenery First prize

taken in Taiwan by MaxLo

First Prize of Heritage category

Heritage First Prize

taken in the Spain by FPG24

First Prize of Travel category

Travel First prize

taken in Bulgaria by gabiavram

First Prize of Unusual Location category

Unusual Location First Prize

taken in the Venezuela by filippo bilotti

Full list of winners


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Announcing the Panoramio Photo Contest

(Cross-posted from the Lat Long Blog)

The Panoramio community enables you to share your photos and explore them on Google Earth, Google Maps and other places. If you’ve never geo-tagged a photo, watch this video to learn how easy it is to add photos to the Panoramio layer in Google Earth.

Now you can add some excitement to your photo project and enter your photos to the monthly Panoramio Geotagged Photo Contest! Starting this month, we’ll be giving away the new Casio Hybrid-GPS camera EX-H20G to the winner of each category (Scenery, Heritage, Travel and Unusual Location). The Panoramio community reviews all of the submissions and votes for what they consider to be the best each month.

Casio’s new Hybrid-GPS camera combines a GPS engine with autonomic positioning made possible by a motion sensor. This makes geotagging easy—both outdoors and indoors.

If you haven’t joined the Panoramio community yet, try it out and don’t forget to participate in our monthly contest. To enter your photo, click on “Submit to the contest” and choose a category. Good luck and we can’t wait to see your photos!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of August 2010

The Panoramio Geotagged Contest rewards each month 28 photos uploaded and selected by the Panoramio Community. You can see them all on the results page for August 2010 edition.

I normally just publish the 4 winners in the blog, but this month I was so impressed by one of them that I will publish 5.

First Prize of Scenery category
Scenery First prize

taken in Brazil by luciano passos cruz

First Prize of Unusual Location category

Unusual Location First Prize
taken in the Taiwan by 安路 Michael. (It is the second Month that the Unusual Location prize goes to Taiwan)

First Prize of Heritage category
Heritage First Prize

taken in the Germany by funtor

First Prize of Travel category

Travel First prize

taken in Spain by ZEUS74.
I specially love the Look Around this photo creates.

My peronal choice

Scenery First prize

taken in Hungary by Racz (Shaman) Peter

Full list of winners


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ocean in Panoramio

Panoramio has always been about sharing places of the world with your camera. Today we are very excited to announce we are adding a whole new world to Panoramio: the oceans.

Starting today, we are changing our photo acceptance criteria to accept underwater imagery in Panoramio. We are teaming up with the Google Earth team to provide a better Ocean in Google Earth experience.

We have noticed that many Panoramio users are already uploading wonderful underwater photos, so we are really looking forward to see the fantastic images that will result from this.

All photos uploaded after today will be reviewed with this new criteria.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Panoramio KMLs

We are very excited about the launch of the new Panoramio KMLs. They are just fast and beautiful!

The new KMLs are extremely fast in loading photos. Try zooming in and out and you will see photos popping in and out in Google Earth.

The algorithm that is responsible for distribution and taking care of thumbnail overlaps has been improved as well and that is the reason you will now have a feeling of density that did not exist before, together with a better discoverability of the photos in the layer.

Panoramio KMLs are downloadable from the following places:
1. Popular photos in Google Earth:
(click on the link in the lower-left corner of the Site)
2. Popular photos in Google Earth (Including photos not selected for the Panoramio layer in Google Earth):
(you need to select the box before downloading the file from the lower-left corner of the Site)
3. Recent Panoramio uploaded photos:
(select the recent tab and then click on the link in the lower-left corner of the Site)
4. Photos from a specific tag:
5. Your Photos
Go to your page and click on the link that says “in Google Earth”

I would like to thank the following software engineers from the Google Maps team for their help on this: Markus Heule, Phil Norman and Marcus Börger.

Hope you all like it and please let us know your thoughts in this post or in the Panoramio forum

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kedada Panogastronómica - O Grove 2010

This is the title the Spanish community decided to give to the pano-meeting that took place last weekend in O Grove, Galicia, Spain.

The title itself means three things:
  • Kedada More than 30 members of the Spanish community decided to meet in this fantastic village in Galicia.
  • Pano Panoramio and photography were an excuse to meet the friends we made within the Panoramio community over the years.
  • Gastronómica. Spanish people always meet around food and this weekend O Grove was celebrating its annual seafood party.

Nano and Paco were the hosts of the event and we are extremely excited about everything that happened. This weekend you can still enjoy the seafood party in the village of O Grove, so if you have no better plans (this is difficult) go there and look for Nano. He will be more than happy to show you the place.

We had a complete Agenda, we enjoyed food, we photographed every single corner of the area with our cameras (if you want to see the photos start at Nano’s and follow the thread of the community), we had a reception with the authorities and most important of all... I discovered that Panoramio is not a community about places and photography. It is a community of friends about places and photography.

If you want to see when other meetings happen or want to organize your own... visit the Rendezvous section in the Panoramio forum, and do not forget to invite us (we love meeting the Panoramio community)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panoramio Stats: Where are my photos viewed?

Panoramio is a community photo-sharing site for geo-located images. Photos uploaded to Panoramio show up on its website, as well as other places such as Google Earth and Google Maps.

We’re excited to announce that detailed statistics are now available to users directly within their Panoramio account. Think of Panoramio Stats as a photo-specific version of Google Analytics for Panoramio - in other words, a powerful web analytics tool that helps you measure the performance of your photos. With this new feature, you can track the sites from which your photos have been viewed in visually appealing and intuitive reports.

These statistics are available for every photographer and surface granular information about each photo. For example, a reports for the last 30 days can be broken down by referral domain so photographers can see how many times their photos were viewed within Panoramio, on Google Earth, Google Maps, and through Panoramio’s Widget API.

Additionally, Panoramio Stats helps you identify your most recently viewed and most popular photos, and lets you know about new referral sites so you can track the latest online activity around your photos and figure out what types, styles or genres of your photos generate the most interest and help you improve your craft.

I would like to thank Balázs and Ana for their help building this feature.

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on this cool new feature, so feel free to leave us your comments in the Panoramio Forum.

Winners of Panoramio Contest of July 2010

And here we have the winners of the Panoramio monthly Contest for July 2010 edition. Those photos were uploaded in July and voted in August. We will contact the winners via e-mail during the next 30 days in order to organize the prizes.

First Prize of Scenery category
Scenery First prize

taken in Spain by Achiper

First Prize of Unusual Location categoryUnusual Location First Prize
taken in the Taiwan by 乾龍

First Prize of Heritage categoryHeritage First Prize
taken in the UK by Faintlightofdawn

First Prize of Travel category Travel First prize
taken in Bolivia by Cristina Mery

Full list of winners


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revamping the Photo Layer in Google Maps

Here at Google, we love the experience of browsing photos on a map, and today it just got a lot easier. We have launched an update to the design of the Photo layer in Google Maps to provide you with a better experience when browsing your favourite places:

There are three main improvements in this latest update:

Firstly, we have made improvements to the density of the photos on the map, making it easier to see clusters of photos in popular locations. On the screenshot above, you can now well see that there are a lot more photos taken on the coast than there are inland.

Secondly, we’ve made the small thumbnails partially transparent, making it easier to see the underlying map, and helping you to stay oriented. On the screenshot above, the city and neighbourhood labels are now more legible.

Finally, we are showing more information when you hover over a photo. Now, you can see a large thumbnail and the title of each image, so you can get a fast preview of what any photo looks like.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new layer, so feel free to leave us your comments in the Panoramio forum.

Jonah Jones, User Experience Designer, Google Maps

Friday, September 24, 2010

Postcard from the meeting in Appenzellerland

We have just received a postcard from the Panoramiomeeting in Appenzellerland and I wanted to share it with the whole Panoramio community.

Many thanks for making us a part of your excursion, and please keep us updated in the forum Rendezvous in the real world about future meetings. We will join next time!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Hell to Hill

It is always a nice when Panoramio users meet to have a photo safari. This is what happened last Saturday in Switzerland and this is how Buelipix has explained it to us with his own words:

What happens if 14 cameras meet somewhere and bring along their owners?

Without doubt this is a Panoramiomeeting. This one happened on September the 18th in St.Margrethen in Switzerland.

After welcoming everyone (most participants knew each other from former meetings), we started driving with a skeptical look on the sky (the weather was not the best) and lots of good mood, to a parking lot just outside the city. after parking we had a short walk to the entrance of the fortress we were visiting, where we have been warmly welcomed by the management.

We were Panoramio users from Switzerland, Austria and Germany (with reinforcement from the Netherlands).

We used to shoot each other here with rifles and shells in the triborder region Switzerland-Germany-Austria just 70 years ago! Today, we fortunately are friends, no longer in war and our weapons are Canons, Nikons, Olympus & CO.
In an interesting and humorous kind, a contemporary witness described us the background for the building of the plant! Due to the political development in Europe, Switzerland started from the middle of the 30's to built military buildings in the interior of mountains.The fortress “Heldsberg” was supposed to help to repel a possible attack from the north-east.

On the two-hour tour to the accommodations over ladders to the gun positions and by close emergency exits there were cheerful moments despite the serious background again and again.
We will be dismissed four hours after immersing into the mountain with much impressions and full belly.

Winding roads lead us through Appenzellerland!
Due to the weather we could do only one photostop!

Then by cablecar we went up to the Ebenalp. It was very cloudy, so no weather for postcard pictures, despite fog makes the whole thing somehow more interesting. Anyone can take good shots with nice weather!

After a short descent through the "bear cave" and at the “Wildkirchli“ we needed a small break - so we decided to have a small break at the restaurant "Äscher".
after getting some energy we walked back to the mountain… where some of us decided to go to the summit - to the bring the Panoramiomeeting to the highest level!

Although the weather was not ideal: it was a great meeting with an interesting tour, good conversation and humor! We will meet again for sure ;)

P.S. Around midnight no more clouds were in the sky, but that is another history! Exactly the same as the culinary benefits, which unite Pasta within three times in 24 hours …

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Panoramio Team: Growing Internationally

It is with great pleasure I am introducing today some new acquisitions on the Panoramio Team. They are Nicolas Zherebtsov and Balázs Dezső from Russia and Hungary respectively.

Despite Balázs is with us for a while now, I did not make an introduction in the blog before and I just thought it was now a good moment. Balázs has proofed already to be a Panoramio in heart. You can check his excursions around Switzerland in his Panoramio Photo Page.

Nicolas is the latest acquisition of the team, and we are very excited about it. He was already working at Google before and he decided to move to Panoramio and bring all his experience with him. He is working right now in a very secret project together with Roger ;) that we hope we will be able to unveil soon.

Please join me in welcoming Balázs and Nicolas to the Panoramio family!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tahina Expedition

For the ultimate Google Earth experience, we fly a kite with a special remote-controlled camera rig which dangles from the string. With this setup we take very high-resolution aerial photos and send them to Google who replaces the default imagery with our kite photos. You can see examples of the kite photos - see BBQ Island or Petite Tabac.

Who wouldn't like to explore the Earth in a sailing catamaran? This is what Frank and Karen Taylor are doing and I asked them to share the story with you (thanks Frank):

What happens when the worlds biggest fan of Google Earth goes traveling around the world by sailboat? Lots and lots of photos in Panoramio! In 2005, I began writing the (unofficial) Google Earth Blog. I didn't just write about what people and companies were doing with Google Earth, but used it nearly every day to virtually explore the Earth. In late-2009, my wife Karen and I embarked on a five year journey to circumnavigate the Earth for real in our sailing catamaran called Tahina. You can follow the journey with our blog called Tahina Expedition. We, of course, use Google Earth and Google Maps to help you follow our journey. One of my primary goals was to document our trip using photography and blogging to share the experience. All our travels are documented with GPS so you can see the places we visit.

What kind of photography are we doing, and how do we share our photos? During our trip we have taken a variety of forms of photography. We take the usual candid photos during our travels, from our boat and on shore while we do our sight seeing. And we also take underwater photos during snorkeling and diving. Many of our photos appear in Panoramio (which also has a layer in Google Earth). We try to take photos which will represent the beauty of the countries we are visiting, or unique sights worth visiting.

Link to upload to Panoramio in Picasa Web Albums

How do we get our photos in Panoramio? First, we have to make sure the photos are geotagged. We use Picasa to organize our many photos on our computer. Sometimes we use the built-in "Places" interface to map each photo. We also use a GPS to track our position while shooting photos and use software to automatically geotag our photos. We then upload a selection of our photos to photo albums using Picasa Web Albums (see Tahina's Picasa photo albums here). If you use Picasa Web Albums, you can easily select photos, that have been geotagged, to be transferred to Panoramio. When viewing a photo, just look for the link to "Upload to Panoramio" right under the map. The photo will be copied directly to your Panoramio account quickly and automatically.

We also take 360 degree spherical panoramas which you can view on our web site, through, or through - you guessed it - Google Earth (see an example and read how we do this in this blog post). Not only that but we have an underwater ROV by VideoRay which lets us explore up to 300 feet underwater with remote control from our boat with two video cameras, lights, and a small grappling hand.

We are having a great time exploring the Earth by sailboat. Hopefully you will join us by following our photos on Panoramio and reading our blog!

Captain Frank Taylor
VideoRay -
Google Earth Blog -
Tahina Expedition -

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Panoramio more Universal. Thank you!

On behalf of the Panoramio team, myself and every Panoramio user who uses Panoramio in a language different than English, I wanted to thank everyone who helps and has helped with the translation of Panoramio, even if it has been with just one script. Thanks to all of you, more and more people can understand how Panoramio works and be part of it.

Right now we have Panoramio in 38 languages and this is growing everyday! Up to date status of translation files can be seen in this forum topic.

Those people who helped translating Panoramio are listed in the Panoramio Team Page as a recognition for their help. Please join me in thanking them by visiting their photo pages and leaving them a note. I am sure they will appreciate that.

If you want to help like them with the translation of Panoramio, feel free to join our Translators Community.
If you helped in the past and I forgot to add you in the team page (I hope not :P). Please send me an email at and I will fix that immediately.

I wanted to take the advantage to apologize about not supporting right-to-left languages at the moment.

Thank you again for your help building Panoramio!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Size and Storage quota improvements

We have increased the limit of the photo size to 25Mbytes / 50Mpixels.

You may think: Why do I need this if my camera is not able to shoot such images?

We wanted to be ahead of the game and build a storage system that would allow us to be ready for the future, as cameras improve and Internet speed gets faster.

Creation of Panoramas is also getting trendy, so we are happy to provide photo size limits that allow to store and process them. The next 2 photos are 2 examples of photos that can be uploaded now in Panoramio thanks to these changes:

This Panorama of 24.9MB was created by Balázs using Hugin and it is a panorama of his last Via Ferrata in Furenwald, Switzerland.

This Panorama of 18.9 MB was created by my friend Julian using Autopano and it is a panorama of photos he took in Zurich, Switzerland last time he visited me.

I also wanted to make official what we have already discussed in the forum sometime ago: Google Earth accepted photos will not count towards your storage quota. This makes the storage of your gallery practically unlimited.

I hope you like these changes. We cannot wait to see your fully detailed photos in Panoramio very soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Operación Photo1000

Challenge: Visit Photo 1000 and take a team-photo.
Members: Roger, Joaquin, Ana, Jose, Eduardo, Erik and Gerard

Photo 1000 is a very special photo for the Panoramio Team. It is one of the first photos in Panoramio (1000 was a milestone) and it is the photo that we always use to test new features. It is a photo from Fredrik Johansson taken in one of the 23,000 islands in front of Stockholm, in Sweden.

Some months ago in a lunch-chat we decided to visit Erik’s hometown in Sweden as he was always explaining how amazing were the meatballs in his favorite restaurant back in Stockholm, the Pelikan. During one of this conversations we suggested to take advantage of the trip and visit Photo 1000.

There were a couple of challenges on this decision:
1. Photo 1000 is taken in an island that is not reachable by regular ferries.
2. Would Photo 1000 be well geopositioned?

After preparing some logistics we took a regional ferry from Stockholm to the island of Möja (2.5h). There is a fantastic restaurant there that serves fresh local fish, so we enjoyed a nice meal before continuing our trip. From Möja to the coordinates we wanted to go, there is no other option than going by private transportation so Erik talked some days in advance with a local Captain that normally brings tourists to visit seals. He was kind of shocked by our request but he agreed on bringing us there. Before departing, he asked us though whether we wanted to see the seals and he promised we would have enough time for everything. We agreed on that and after an hour or so on the boat we found the seals floating on the sea.

After some seal-shooting we continued and here is were our problems began. The motor of the boat started to make strange noises and what it was worst, daylight started to decline. We were in a hurry to reach the location but the captain could do nothing but decrease the speed. This is when we started to fear that we would never reach the coordinates we pointed the captain to. The boat continued slowly towards final destination and we could see in our GPS devices that we were almost there, not sure though whether we would find what we were looking for.

Some minutes later... the place was there. Everyone on the boat got extremely excited. We managed to find the place and what it is more important: the location was accurate and real!

The captain allowed us to disembark the boat and go to Photo 1000 location while he would call someone for help, as the boat was still making those weird noises. There were obviously no piers in the island so it took a while until the captain found a spot were to attach a rope. We went finally to the place where the photo was taken and we spend some time enjoying the location and taking photos ourselves. 30 min later a strong rain made us go back to the boat while we waited for the motor to be checked. Everything ended fine and we could safely return to harbor.

The result was an Epic Win!

I would like to thank Erik for the organization of the logistics. The team, for the great time I spent in this adventure, the captain for bringing us there, but I would like to thank specially Fredrik Johansson for taking this amazing photo, for geoposition it correctly so we would not get lost, and specially for making us discover this amazing location. Exploring the world with Panoramio can be done in a crazy way (as we just did) or it can be done from your living-room and this is all thanks to all the members of the Panoramio Community that keep on amazing us everyday with those amazing photos of places.

Many thanks to all of you!

P.S.: If you happen to have a similar story or plan to... get in touch and we will publish it in the Panoramio blog!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of June 2010

Again more winners, now are published the winners of the Panoramio monthly Contest for June 2010 edition. Those photos were uploaded in June and voted in July. We will contact the winners via e-mail during the next 30 days in order to organize the prizes. This time we suffered a small delay in the publication of the contest results (I was on holidays) so I hope you will accept my biggest apology.

First Prize of Scenery category Scenery First prize
taken in Turkey by BEDRİ AKÇAY

First Prize of Unusual Location category Unusual Location First Prize taken in the UK by Utpal

First Prize of Heritage category Heritage First Prize
taken in Ukraine by Edward_Tur

First Prize of Travel category Travel First prize taken in the USA by ☼dOnAlDWMcCuLLoCh☼

Full list of winners


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Panoramio Hungarian community meets in Ajka

A total of 94 photographers have won during the last 2 years the Panoramio Geotagged Photo Contest, and this was the perfect excuse to meet up around an exhibition of those great photos.

The event happened during the 7th and 8th of August in the gallery of Ajka (Hungary) thanks to the organization of Imre Lakat. Gábor Hauberger (NightHunter), our beloved Hungarian moderator gave a welcome speech in the opening ceremony.

On the first day, we made a trip to Magyarpolány, a small village close to Ajka where we visited the church and Calvary Hill. On the evening, we had a marvelous dinner on the Somló Hill, which is the smallest, but famous wine region of Hungary. On the second day, we visited a wonderful natural formation, the Karst of Úrkút.

In total, more than 100 participants attended the event, and we all enjoyed the meeting. Thanks Imre for the great organization, and we hope it is not going to be long until we can meet again.

Some links you may be interested:
Photos of the Event
Photos of the event
Photos of the exhibition
Organization of the meeting

Friday, July 16, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of May 2010

Again more winners, now are published the winners of the Panoramio monthly Contest for May 2010 edition. Those photos were uploaded in May and voted in June. We will contact the winners via e-mail during the next 30 days in order to organize the prizes.

First Prize of Scenery category Scenery First prize taken in Denmark by Jan Sognnes

First Prize of Unusual Location category Unusual Location First Prize taken in Turkey by OLYMPIST ©

First Prize of Heritage category Heritage First Prize taken in Turkey by MEHMET GÜÇLÜ ©

First Prize of Travel category Travel First prize taken in Sweden by Oram62

Full list of winners


Monday, July 12, 2010

Auto Tagging: Keep your photos better organized

We all like having our photos well tagged and organized, despite this can be sometimes a tedious work. This is why I spend a bit of time working on Auto tagging.

Auto tagging will suggest during the Panoramio upload different tags regarding time and location.

  • Time: Auto tagging will suggest a year tag from the EXIF of your photo
  • Location: Auto tagging will suggest Country, State/County and City tags following the Latlong data from the EXIF of your photo. If the EXIF does not have Latlong data Auto tagging will suggest those tags when you map the photo. Location tags are suggested in the language you are viewing Panoramio during Upload time.

Remember that tags are also carried over by using the Upload to Panoramio option of Picasa Web Albums. I hope these small options will help you in your Upload process. Please let me and the team know your thoughts and any suggestion you may have regarding Auto tagging so we can make it even more useful, in our Panoramio Community Forum.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I “like” “Photo details”

...and as the title of this post suggests, we are introducing some changes here and there in the Photo Page. We are changing the Best of feature to like and adding new counters to the Photo details section of the Photo Page.

We have found that Best of was not really defining the concept behind it. Ideally Best of should apply for a unique situation for a very small subset of the photos. However, we discovered that several users use the Best of flag to mark many photos that they like. So we have decided to re-brand Best of as like. To make it more useful, Like not only comes with a nicer icon right under the photo, but we included the total number of likes in the Photo details section. Have you changed your mind? You don’t like a photo anymore? No problem. You can revoke your previous likes any time in the future.

But wait! There are more changes in the Photo details section.
We know that numbers and statistics are important for you. Previously we used to show only one counter, the number of views on Panoramio for each photo. We are happy to announce that today, we are adding three more numbers for each photo:
views on Google Earth: This number shows the number of times a bubble has been opened in Google Earth with your photo. We have looked back for a year, and initialized all these counters based on those bubble openings. Note, that this counter is only updated daily.
favorites: This number shows how many members of the Panoramio Community selected your photo as favorite by clicking the star icon above the photo.
likes: As described earlier, this counter shows how many people decided to like your photo.

Please check the help content for more info about the counters.

Feel free to discuss the new photo details and the like feature in the Panoramio forum as we are thinking in more numbers to show you and more regarding your photos.