Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New time

On July 2005 I co-founded Panoramio with Joaquin Cuenca. Today, four and a half years later, it is time to leave.

Panoramio is the coolest thing I have ever done. I went through the greatest adventure of my life with this project. However for some reasons I can't really explain I like changes and challenges, so it is time to move on to a new project.

First of all I would like to introduce you to my substitute, Gerard Sanz, an awesome Catalonian guy that will take care of the Panoramio community. He has already been working together with me and the Panoramio team for some weeks behind the scenes and learnt a lot about Panoramio. Previously he worked managing the Blogger community for 2 years. He is very passionate about Panoramio and has a lot of energy and many new good ideas for the site.

Acquisitions can be complicated, and the private nightmare of a founder is the site not surviving the process, but after some time Panoramio feels very comfortable at Google. It has been migrated to its infrastructure, has reached almost 20 million high quality geolocated photos and it is integrated with many other services: Google Earth, Google Maps, Streetview, Google Search, Google Maps API... I want to thank Panoramio community for its patience during the hard adaptation time.

Panoramio success is mostly due to the people that use Panoramio daily, awesome individuals that have been always supporting the project, sharing great photos and genuinely caring about the site. Among that group of people, I would like to mention the forum moderators: Panamon_Creel, Cleber Lima, NAGY Albert, Matthew Walters, SantoB, Peter Uspensky, Daniela Brocca, Volkan Yuksel, FSup, NightHunter, Igor Fedotenkov, Will51, Tony Reid, ©, IPAAT, Nguyen Bang Giang, © Andre Speek, Jessica G., Baycrest, Draken, W140, hvbemmel and DL1LAM that tirelessly contributed in the forum.

I can't list everyone I would like to thank, but I will try. From Panoramio team: Gràcies Roger, Tack Erik, Köszönöm Gyuri. You rock guys! Danke Sebastian Holzapfel. Special thanks to Fernando Delgado, Samuel Widmann, Frank Taylor and John Hanke. Gracias al malagueño Jose Florido. Danke Eva-Maria Kott for the name Panoramio. And of course, gracias to my co-founder and old time friend Joaquin Cuenca.

Even though I am leaving the Panoramio team, I am not leaving the Panoramio community. I am looking forward to having some spare time to share the hundreds of photos that I have not uploaded yet. So I´m not saying you goodbye, but see you around in Panoramio.