Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slideshow for your Panoramio photos

When browsing photos speed is very important, and this is why we are introducing today the new Slideshow functionality in Panoramio.

To launch a slideshow with your photos you just need to click the Slideshow button in any User Page in Panoramio. By browsing the slideshow you will be able to navigate all the pictures of a specific user, and by clicking in any of the pictures of the Slideshow you will be directed to that Photo Page where you will be able to leave a comment to the creator of the picture.

We hope you enjoy navigating Panoramio photos with the new slideshow, and as always we will be happy to read you opinion in the Panoramio Community Forum.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Winners of Panoramio Contest of January 2010

Again more winners, now are published the winners of the Panoramio monthly Contest for January 2010 edition. Those photos were uploaded in January and voted in February. We will contact the winners via e-mail during the next 30 days in order to organize the prizes.

First Prize of Scenery category

Scenery First prize
taken in Russia by Rodion Surkov

First Prize of Travel category

Travel First prize

taken in Hungary by szszsz

First Prize of Heritage category

Heritage First Prize
taken in Turkey by OLYMPIST ©

First Prize of Unusual Location category

Unusual Location First Prize
taken in Turkey by Fatma Ă–zdemir

Full list of winners


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Improved Photo Browsing from your Photo Page

A good photo may lead to more good photos and that is why now you can find a photo list in your photo page. Browsing the rest of your Panoramio photos becomes easier and faster.

No change is needed from you in order to activate this new Panoramio feature as it will appear automatically in your Photo Page, just below the picture that is being visualized.

By clicking on the left and right arrows you will be able to scroll the complete gallery, and if you want to view a specific image in full size or comment on it, just click on the thumbnail to go to that image page.

This launch will happen for 10% of Panoramio users initially and we will ramp it up to 100% during the next days. You can also test the feature here, here, or here.

Check this out and let us know what you think by commenting on this blog post or in our Community forum.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

​Explore the world with Porsche Cayenne and Panoramio API

​Porsche has just released its new Cayenne and with it, a nice web page where you can experience it for yourself.

To create this nice feature Porsche has used Google Maps API to trace your selected route and Panoramio API to serve geo-located photos according to the route you have selected.

We have done the test with a Cayenne S Hybrid driving from Zurich to Zermatt in Switzerland:

The tool allows you to select between 5 Cayenne models and your favourite start and end point. If you are a member of Panoramio’s community you may find there your photos featured. Give it a try by visiting Porsche’s website and clicking at the "Experience yourself" link.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sign in to Panoramio with your Google Account

As of today, it is possible to sign in to Panoramio with Google Accounts.

Why are we doing this?

Last year we worked hard to integrate Panoramio with the Google infrastructure. Now that this is done, we can focus on building new features for the Panoramio community. Some of these features require Google Accounts, and we launch the new registration process now so that users can upgrade their accounts in advance.

What does this mean for you?

Upgrading to Google Accounts is currently optional, so you can still sign in with the same email and password as before. However, we encourage you to upgrade by merging your Panoramio account into your existing Google Account (e.g. GMail) or by creating a new Google Account for your existing Panoramio account. If you already have a Google Account, this basically means one less email and password combination you have to remember, one less "Sign out" button to press when you leave before let others use your computer. Also, in a not too distant future we will have new features that are available only for the upgraded accounts!

As for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy there is no change at all, by using Panoramio you have agreed to our Terms, which already include the Google's Terms of Service.

All new sign ups are carried out by Google Accounts.

We are very excited about what 2010 will bring Panoramio, and we hope you are too. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting on this blog post, or by discussing in the community forum.