Saturday, April 17, 2010

Panoramio Community Summit 2010

We just hosted at Google Switzerland the first ever Panoramio Moderators Summit with the participation of 16 of our moderators, both Panoramio co-founders Eduardo Manchón and Joaquin Cuenca and the rest of the Panoramio team.

We have been working hard to migrate Panoramio within Google since the acquisition and 2010 will show the results of this effort. Now Panoramio is in a situation where we can develop new features and we are very excited about this great opportunity

During these 2 days we discussed with Panoramio moderators about the feedback the whole Panoramio community has been discussing for so long in the Panoramio forum and we showed them what we are working on to address it.

Some of the points we discussed were the layers in Google Maps and Google Earth, the use of the API and how we will bring it to the next level, how to facilitate community interaction within Panoramio, and many more. We also took the time to put a face behind that Nickname that we see in a daily basis. Coming from their own words: “I see you now. I will never talk to the computer screen anymore”.

Panoramio moderators have daily interaction with all Panoramio users that is why we are sure that the Panoramio Community was fully represented in those discussions.

I want to personally thank them for the effort and for the great ideas and challenging discussions during the summit. For more information in those new feature and further Panoramio development, please keep in touch in our forum, blog, and obviously in Panoramio!