Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Bye Joaquín!

A few months after Eduardo, today is my turn to say good bye. I will
get back to Spain 5 years after we started Panoramio. I part with
mixed feelings, Google is everything you've heard of and more, and
Panoramio has been the biggest project in my life. But a combination
of personal reasons and the desire to create something new were at the
end more powerful.

Instead of boring you to death with some nostalgia about two kids that
had absolutely no idea on what they were getting into, I'll instead
bore you to death with a list of people to thank: Eduardo Manchón for
joining me in this crazy race, Jose Florido for being the third kid
without a clue, John Hanke for believing that we actually knew what we
were doing, Dan Dennison for helping a half incompetent software
engineer (yours truly) navigate the mazes of Google's network
configuration, Bernhard Seefeld for all your tips and drinks in the
early days, Frederik Schaffalitzky for providing an unsuspected backup
when I "lost" 30000 photos, and of course to all these that joined our
team, and very specially to Erik, Roger, Gyuri, Ana, Gerard, Raphael
and Fernando.

But my biggest thank you goes to you all. I'm sorry for all my past
mistakes, as you were the unfortunate victims, and I'm thankful for
all your support over the years.

A while ago, in the last Hungarian meeting, an old lady came to Gyuri
and thanked him, because she won one of the Panoramio contests. She
didn't expected it and she was thrilled. You're the reason for
Panoramio. We made some people feel awesome, and I'm thankful for