Thursday, June 3, 2010

Share your Panoramio photos

From today, Share becomes easier as we have included Share to Buzz and Share to Facebook buttons in Panoramio. People interact with different groups of people in different places. With this feature we want to ease your social interaction by allowing you to share your Panoramio photos with your friends wherever they are.

You can now share your images via Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Share options will be displayed in your Photo Page and in your User Page depending whether you want to share a specific image or your complete Panoramio gallery.

The cool thing about sharing in Buzz and Facebook is that a thumbnail of your image will be sent as well (this was not happening with Twitter) and you will be able to add some text with it to add some context. If your friends click on that image, they will be automatically directed to your Panoramio page.

I want to thank Boris Strandjev for his work on this feature during his internship at Google.

I hope you find it useful and as always let us know your thoughts on this with a comment on this blog or in our Community Forum.