Monday, July 12, 2010

Auto Tagging: Keep your photos better organized

We all like having our photos well tagged and organized, despite this can be sometimes a tedious work. This is why I spend a bit of time working on Auto tagging.

Auto tagging will suggest during the Panoramio upload different tags regarding time and location.

  • Time: Auto tagging will suggest a year tag from the EXIF of your photo
  • Location: Auto tagging will suggest Country, State/County and City tags following the Latlong data from the EXIF of your photo. If the EXIF does not have Latlong data Auto tagging will suggest those tags when you map the photo. Location tags are suggested in the language you are viewing Panoramio during Upload time.

Remember that tags are also carried over by using the Upload to Panoramio option of Picasa Web Albums. I hope these small options will help you in your Upload process. Please let me and the team know your thoughts and any suggestion you may have regarding Auto tagging so we can make it even more useful, in our Panoramio Community Forum.