Friday, July 2, 2010

I “like” “Photo details”

...and as the title of this post suggests, we are introducing some changes here and there in the Photo Page. We are changing the Best of feature to like and adding new counters to the Photo details section of the Photo Page.

We have found that Best of was not really defining the concept behind it. Ideally Best of should apply for a unique situation for a very small subset of the photos. However, we discovered that several users use the Best of flag to mark many photos that they like. So we have decided to re-brand Best of as like. To make it more useful, Like not only comes with a nicer icon right under the photo, but we included the total number of likes in the Photo details section. Have you changed your mind? You don’t like a photo anymore? No problem. You can revoke your previous likes any time in the future.

But wait! There are more changes in the Photo details section.
We know that numbers and statistics are important for you. Previously we used to show only one counter, the number of views on Panoramio for each photo. We are happy to announce that today, we are adding three more numbers for each photo:
views on Google Earth: This number shows the number of times a bubble has been opened in Google Earth with your photo. We have looked back for a year, and initialized all these counters based on those bubble openings. Note, that this counter is only updated daily.
favorites: This number shows how many members of the Panoramio Community selected your photo as favorite by clicking the star icon above the photo.
likes: As described earlier, this counter shows how many people decided to like your photo.

Please check the help content for more info about the counters.

Feel free to discuss the new photo details and the like feature in the Panoramio forum as we are thinking in more numbers to show you and more regarding your photos.