Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Hell to Hill

It is always a nice when Panoramio users meet to have a photo safari. This is what happened last Saturday in Switzerland and this is how Buelipix has explained it to us with his own words:

What happens if 14 cameras meet somewhere and bring along their owners?

Without doubt this is a Panoramiomeeting. This one happened on September the 18th in St.Margrethen in Switzerland.

After welcoming everyone (most participants knew each other from former meetings), we started driving with a skeptical look on the sky (the weather was not the best) and lots of good mood, to a parking lot just outside the city. after parking we had a short walk to the entrance of the fortress we were visiting, where we have been warmly welcomed by the management.

We were Panoramio users from Switzerland, Austria and Germany (with reinforcement from the Netherlands).

We used to shoot each other here with rifles and shells in the triborder region Switzerland-Germany-Austria just 70 years ago! Today, we fortunately are friends, no longer in war and our weapons are Canons, Nikons, Olympus & CO.
In an interesting and humorous kind, a contemporary witness described us the background for the building of the plant! Due to the political development in Europe, Switzerland started from the middle of the 30's to built military buildings in the interior of mountains.The fortress “Heldsberg” was supposed to help to repel a possible attack from the north-east.

On the two-hour tour to the accommodations over ladders to the gun positions and by close emergency exits there were cheerful moments despite the serious background again and again.
We will be dismissed four hours after immersing into the mountain with much impressions and full belly.

Winding roads lead us through Appenzellerland!
Due to the weather we could do only one photostop!

Then by cablecar we went up to the Ebenalp. It was very cloudy, so no weather for postcard pictures, despite fog makes the whole thing somehow more interesting. Anyone can take good shots with nice weather!

After a short descent through the "bear cave" and at the “Wildkirchli“ we needed a small break - so we decided to have a small break at the restaurant "Ă„scher".
after getting some energy we walked back to the mountain… where some of us decided to go to the summit - to the bring the Panoramiomeeting to the highest level!

Although the weather was not ideal: it was a great meeting with an interesting tour, good conversation and humor! We will meet again for sure ;)

P.S. Around midnight no more clouds were in the sky, but that is another history! Exactly the same as the culinary benefits, which unite Pasta within three times in 24 hours …