Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Panoramio more Universal. Thank you!

On behalf of the Panoramio team, myself and every Panoramio user who uses Panoramio in a language different than English, I wanted to thank everyone who helps and has helped with the translation of Panoramio, even if it has been with just one script. Thanks to all of you, more and more people can understand how Panoramio works and be part of it.

Right now we have Panoramio in 38 languages and this is growing everyday! Up to date status of translation files can be seen in this forum topic.

Those people who helped translating Panoramio are listed in the Panoramio Team Page as a recognition for their help. Please join me in thanking them by visiting their photo pages and leaving them a note. I am sure they will appreciate that.

If you want to help like them with the translation of Panoramio, feel free to join our Translators Community.
If you helped in the past and I forgot to add you in the team page (I hope not :P). Please send me an email at and I will fix that immediately.

I wanted to take the advantage to apologize about not supporting right-to-left languages at the moment.

Thank you again for your help building Panoramio!