Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Size and Storage quota improvements

We have increased the limit of the photo size to 25Mbytes / 50Mpixels.

You may think: Why do I need this if my camera is not able to shoot such images?

We wanted to be ahead of the game and build a storage system that would allow us to be ready for the future, as cameras improve and Internet speed gets faster.

Creation of Panoramas is also getting trendy, so we are happy to provide photo size limits that allow to store and process them. The next 2 photos are 2 examples of photos that can be uploaded now in Panoramio thanks to these changes:

This Panorama of 24.9MB was created by Bal√°zs using Hugin and it is a panorama of his last Via Ferrata in Furenwald, Switzerland.

This Panorama of 18.9 MB was created by my friend Julian using Autopano and it is a panorama of photos he took in Zurich, Switzerland last time he visited me.

I also wanted to make official what we have already discussed in the forum sometime ago: Google Earth accepted photos will not count towards your storage quota. This makes the storage of your gallery practically unlimited.

I hope you like these changes. We cannot wait to see your fully detailed photos in Panoramio very soon.