Friday, October 8, 2010

Kedada Panogastronómica - O Grove 2010

This is the title the Spanish community decided to give to the pano-meeting that took place last weekend in O Grove, Galicia, Spain.

The title itself means three things:
  • Kedada More than 30 members of the Spanish community decided to meet in this fantastic village in Galicia.
  • Pano Panoramio and photography were an excuse to meet the friends we made within the Panoramio community over the years.
  • Gastronómica. Spanish people always meet around food and this weekend O Grove was celebrating its annual seafood party.

Nano and Paco were the hosts of the event and we are extremely excited about everything that happened. This weekend you can still enjoy the seafood party in the village of O Grove, so if you have no better plans (this is difficult) go there and look for Nano. He will be more than happy to show you the place.

We had a complete Agenda, we enjoyed food, we photographed every single corner of the area with our cameras (if you want to see the photos start at Nano’s and follow the thread of the community), we had a reception with the authorities and most important of all... I discovered that Panoramio is not a community about places and photography. It is a community of friends about places and photography.

If you want to see when other meetings happen or want to organize your own... visit the Rendezvous section in the Panoramio forum, and do not forget to invite us (we love meeting the Panoramio community)