Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy 2011 Panoramio Community

It is this time of the year where people make balance of the past year and start creating resolutions for the upcoming one. Before I do that I want to wish you all a happy 2011!

My 2010 balance is great. I am very happy to see what the Panoramio team has accomplished with your help:

New features added in 2010

With your help and specifically the help of those Panoramio members listed in the Translations section of the Team page we managed to have Panoramio available in 42 languages with ~50% translated strings in average and ~100% in 8 of those languages. Big thanks to everyone that helped with this!

Forum and Community

Our 33 Moderators have kept the community healthy and engaged. We currently have forum sections in 22 languages.
There is also a part of the Panoramio Community that helped keeping up the fun with Games and competitions and there have been others that organized amazing Panomeetings like the ones in Spain and Hungary that we had the pleasure to assist. I will always take those memories with me.

Getting to know all the good people I met in Panoramio is what made my 2010 special and this is what makes me think that 2011 will be even better. We have lots of things ready for you, to entertain you the next year (sorry, I cannot disclose it yet) but the most important thing is to keep the spirit up and the good charm. This is what makes Panoramio special. You are what make Panoramio special.

Many thanks for being with us along 2010 and happy 2011!