Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Panoramio Music Player

We are very excited today to announce the new Panoramio music player. We have launched it this week for a limited amount of users but this will be soon an option you will all have.

Together with your photo you will be able to add a music file that will play when another user visits your photo, this way you can enhance the experience of your visitors. Accepted formats will be: MP3, Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, ATRAC.

The new feature will allow you to create Playlists (using the Widget API) with your favorite photo/music combination as music tracks can be sorted by music type.

We still want to hear the feedback from the users we selected for the test. To check whether you are in the Trusted Testers program, please check out your Settings page. And to provide feedback on this new feature please visit our Panoramio forum.

Update 29/12/2011: This was obviously a joke as today is Joke´s day in Spain and in many countries in the World. I hope you liked the idea :)
Update 29/12/2011: This has been possible due to the brain behind it Paco Armada and some accomplices: Xouba's, Draken and Cleber Lima among others. Many thanks for making this day so much fun!