Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panoramio Comments

There has been lately some discussion going on regarding User Interaction in Panoramio, and it is for this reason I thought it was a good moment to clarify the team’s position in this matter. In Panoramio we believe in open communication, and this is the reason we believe in our current system of comments, a system that allows each member of the Panoramio community to comment in any photo within Panoramio.

The way users interact with each other and the way users use features and functionalities is a very fascinating world. Lately Panoramio users have converted the Like and Starring functionalities of Panoramio together with contest votes into a kind of badging/reward system. Some users are very excited about this while others are completely annoyed and here is where the problem comes: perception. While some users perceive this as a fun way to reward the quality of other users photos, there are some users who consider this way of interaction as spam.

There has been many suggestions you all have given us in order to improve and minimize the negative effects of this. Some of them were in the line of reducing functionality within Panoramio ( we will not go this way ) and some of them were nice suggestions that we will consider to include in Panoramio. Meanwhile we keep working to make Panoramio better I would just repeat what it is already written in our help content:

Not everyone perceive comments or User interaction in the same way.

1. If you receive a comment and you are unhappy with it delete the comment from your photo and notify that user by sending a Private Message (always with respect. I am sure that user did not bother you intentionally)

2. If the same user ignores your message and keeps commenting in your messages in the same way, please send a message to explaining the situation and we will try to find a solution

I hope we can find together a balance with the different perceptions on how Panoramio comments should work so we can all keep enjoying this fantastic tool. This fantastic community is what it built the fantastic product we have today and I hope this will continue being this way for many more year.

P.S.: Please leave a comment with your thoughts, LIKE, UNLIKE, YS, +1, -3 or whatever you want... I will be more than happy to hear that ;)