Thursday, March 3, 2011

Google Geo User Summit - Singapore

Hi Panoramio Community,

As you may have seen in the Panoramio Events page we will be celebrating the Google Geo User Summit in Singapore at the end of March. In this event we will discuss about Panoramio, our communities in Asia-Pacific and how we see Panoramio in the region going forward.

We have 20 places booked for Panoramio. 10 of those places are already assigned and Panoramio will cover the cost of flights and hotels for these members of the community. We have selected those users for their contribution and commitment with Panoramio in areas like making the product available in their country (translations), community, and their strong commitment with our “Share the World” philosophy. The other 10 places are open and even though we can not cover the costs of flights and hotels, we would really love to fill them with passionate Panoramio users from the region.

For this reason if you are a Panoramio user interested in your community, and you are from any country in the Asia-Pacific region and you want to attend this conference, please send us an email at and we will contact you.

I and the team are looking forward to meet you in person!

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager