Thursday, September 29, 2011

Panoramio Groups: Update

We have been busy lately fixing bugs and adding small features to the recently-launched Panoramio Groups. We want to mention some of these features because we think that they can make your usage of Groups much more fun and effective.

Categories: As a group owner, you are now able to put your group into a category, out of a predefined set such as Photography Techniques, Places and Regions, or Nature (it’s in the Group Settings page). When browsing groups in the Groups Directory, you can ask to filter by category.

Pre-approved invitations: For groups that are related to some real-time event, for example a Panomeeting, the fact that new members have to be approved by a moderator can be annoying. You can turn on “pre-approved invitations” (from the Group Settings page, click on “pre-approved invitations”). You will get a “secret” URL and a QR code that you can give to the Panomeeting participants (just send it by email, or print it in the meeting posters). Participants can follow the URL and will become a group member automatically, without needing moderator approval. Other users can follow the normal invitation process.

Multiple group owners: If you are the owner of a large group you may have found that there’s just too much to do. Since the beginning, you could convert members to moderators, but sometimes this isn’t enough. From now on you will also be able to convert moderators to owners (in the Groups Members page, select Manage group members, then click on the “+ Owner” buttons, like you did for converting members to moderators). If there is at least one more owner in the group, you can “resign” and become a moderator -- so if you created a group but now don’t have time for it, you can “transfer” the group by converting a moderator to an owner, and then resigning.

We hope that you’ll like these improvements. Have fun with Groups, and please keep the feedback coming!

Posted by Roger Trias i Sanz, Panoramio Software Engineer