Wednesday, November 16, 2011

42 in 10

42 in 10. This is the number of changes that we have rolled out during the last 10 days, and today I wanted to take the time to explain you a couple of them. Most of the changes are not visible to you, they will just make things work better. 

Some visible changes are:

Better Password Recovery mechanism
As we already explained in a dedicated blog post, you can now recover your forgotten Panoramio password using your email address or your user_id in the Forgot your Password? form.  

Slideshow URL supports now your username
You can share with your family and friends the Slideshow of your photos in Panoramio using the following URL:

For example:

Albanian as new Panoramio language
We have rebuilt all the translations in Panoramio, by adding new strings and including all the latest translations we have received from those members of the Panoramio Community that help us making Panoramio available in their countries.
We have also added Albanian as a new supported language, and we have modified the translation files so they are more robust than before.

Contest link redirects to a random category
The top Contest link on the Panoramio User and Photo pages will bring you now to a random Contest category. We will be adding soon new categories to the contest so stay tuned to this.

Add a user avatar using a URL
You can now add a user avatar from a URL. In case you want to use one of your photos as an avatar, you just need to enter the URL of your photo and that is it. No need to upload it again.

Links in comments can contain parenthesis
We have added an explanation on how to add URLs with parenthesis in comments following the format: [Parentheses in the url](\(sport\))

There are many more improvements that affect your general experience in Panoramio like better behavior in resizing browser windows, error messages, Widget API improvements, thumbnail integrity, share to Buzz removal, etc. but I do not want to bore you listing all that ;)

We are fully committed with making Panoramio better for you, so stay tuned to further improvements to the site and have fun geopositioning ;)

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager