Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Panoramio Forum

After some sleepless hours, we have finally finished the migration to the new Panoramio forum.  There will obviously be some changes with the old forum and I wanted to take a couple of minutes to highlight them:

Panoramio Accounts need to be upgraded to Google Accounts to be able to participate in the forum
As I explained already in the Panoramio Forum Migration post, new Panoramio accounts and accounts that have upgraded to Google accounts will have write access in the new Panoramio forum, although old Panoramio accounts that have not been upgraded will still be able to view the new forum. Please upgrade your account to Google Accounts if you want to have full functionality.

Email Subscription to Forum activity
You can subscribe to individual posts updates, but now you can also subscribe to daily summaries of Forum activity. The default is “No email” to allow you to decide the kind of subscription you want to enable. This setting is under the “My membership” button in each sub-forum.

Rich-format posts
The new Panoramio forum has a rich-format editor that allow you to write nice posts easily. You can add images by URL in the forum, we recommend you to use the “medium” format:
of the Image URLs of Panoramio.
We also recommend you to change the image URL to the URL of the photo page of the image:
To do so, click one time in the image to open the image properties editor.

Infinite scrolling of topics
Topics and threads are organized using infinite scrolling. When you are at the end of the page, the forum will load more topics and threads if applicable. To facilitate searchability of posts in large forums you can use the Search box and the Filter menu. The Search box works for all new posts added after the migration, and we are currently working on making the old content searchable as well.

And with this many more things that you will discover as you use the forum.

Happy to hear your feedback on this in the Panoramio forum.

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager