Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy and fast: The new Panoramio photo uploader

Do you dream of a day when you can get started mapping and editing the titles, tags and comments for your photos while they’re being uploaded instead of waiting for all images to be imported? Have you ever wanted a mapping interface that would enable you to easily map all your photos on a single map, with an intuitive and modern design? Or would you like the ability to easily upload your photos from Picasa Web Albums and Google+ into Panoramio, and see them featured in the “Photos” layer of Google Earth, Google Maps, and other Google properties?

Today the Panoramio team is announcing a new uploader tool that makes all these things possible. This new uploader makes importing your favorite pictures into Panoramio faster than ever. Now you can easily tag and add titles and comments while your photos are uploading - all at the same time. In addition, viewing your photos on the map will help you remember where they were taken, and sharing them through Panoramio will enable visitors all over the world to enjoy your shots!

Panoramio photo uploader: Photo picker where importing from Picasa or Google+

Panoramio photo uploader: Editing title and adding tags or comments while photos are uploading.

Panoramio photo uploader: New map view enables you to drag and drop your photos to the location they were taken.

When designing this new uploader, our goal was to make the process of sharing photos as seamless as possible for our millions of users. Let us know what you think of the new tool in the Panoramio Forum or visit our Help Center to learn more about uploading photos to Panoramio.

Posted by Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager